About me – I am a contemporary artist based in East Yorkshire, near York. My childhood was spent growing up in mainland Greece, until moving to a rural Yorkshire farm in 1988. I studied Art in the late 90s at York College of Further and Higher education.

Inspiration – My style of art has changed and developed over the years. The origins of my artwork began by experimenting with mixed media, drawing inspiration from colour, texture, movement and emotions to form unique abstracts with an interesting surface pattern. Butterfly wings (ethically sourced and recycled from old pictures and ornaments) were a common starting point in my work, from which the compositions evolved, influenced by the iridescent colours and patterns on the wings.

I have always enjoyed creating surreal and thought-provoking pieces of artwork, working mainly with acrylics, but incorporating other mediums such as glass inks, crushed glass and mirrors, metal paint, sequins, glitter and other recycled objects to create a textural collage effect.

My art has become increasingly commercial in recent years, creating paintings to fit in with interiors (colours, trends and themes) and customer’s requirements. The beauty of nature never fails to inspires me, therefore the Yorkshire landscape (including the coast), trees, skies, wildlife and the changing seasons are a feature in the majority of my paintings. When I paint I feel alive and at peace – it’s my happy place, I hope that shows in my work. Enjoy looking! Thank you

I am available for commissions based on current work