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York River Art Market 2019

Emma Bateman Art: Selling my artwork at the York River Art Festival 2019

I’ve not been great at finding the time to paint or market my artwork over the last 12 months, but recently I bucked my ideas up and booked an exhibition stand for 2 dates (29th June & 13th July) at the York River Art Market. This ensured I had a focus and a clear-cut date to create lots of new artwork by!

For those of you that haven’t heard of it, the York River Art market is a unique Art & Design market set in a stunning riverside city centre location in beautiful York. The event is host to a variety of established and emerging UK based artists. It runs from Saturday 22nd June until the last Saturday in August, with around 30 artists exhibiting on each date. Artists include painters, ceramicists, illustrators and jewellery makers.

The show only came to my attention recently, but it’s been running for a number of years now and is popular with locals as well as tourists and day trippers, attracting a wide mix of customers from far and wide.

At the moment I’m busy painting and creating new artwork for 13th July, but I wanted to share with you some feedback, photos and insights from Saturday 29th June.

I was lucky on the day that there was a heatwave, with temperatures around 85.0 °F, which meant no need for any type of rain cover!

The first thing I was struck by when I arrived to set up my stall at 9.30am was how beautiful the setting was; right by the river, with leafy trees offering some shade – which was a blessing on this particular day!!

The market started to get busy from around 10.30am and I enjoyed chatting to the visitors, and finding out about their reasons for visiting. The University of York was having an opening day the following day so I met lots of families who had travelled up for that reason.

I was lucky enough to sell three paintings on the day. One of my customers was on a day out with friends, visiting from Manchester, and was sailing past on the York River Boat. The lady spotted one of my sparkly mixed-media butterfly abstract paintings from the boat, which was hung on the railings twinkling in the sunshine. As a result she was compelled to come over and buy the painting once she departed the boat, which was just fantastic to hear! Moments like this really validate you as an artist, and invoke joy in an artist’s heart!!!

I also sold two of my seascape paintings later in the afternoon. “Seagrass’’ was sold to a lovely York couple, who bought the painting to hang in their study. The couple both said they felt calm and inspired when they looked at the painting, imagining themselves walking along the deserted beach. Again, such lovely comments. The other painting was bought by a lady from Bath (visiting York university with her daughter) as a 60th birthday present for her husband. I hope he likes it ;-).

I also sold a selection of cards (prints of my art), which I had printed specifically for the market. Two visitors to my stand have also emailed me to commission paintings since the event, so all in all an amazing day! I would highly recommend the event to visitors and buyers alike.

To finish the day off I celebrated with a meal and a glass of bubbly at The Star Inn the City, with my dad, who came along to help and support me at the event.

The pub/restaurant comes highly recommended – the food, setting and service went beyond all expectations. I will definitely be returning.

I’d love to see you at York River Art market on 13th July, please come by and say hello! Message me for further details, and thank you for reading!

Emma xx

Emma Bateman

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